Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Case For Online Document Management

This article from talks about a trend that's long overdue.

For those of us that have spent our last decade in Enterprise Content Management, we have seen several attempts aimed at providing an always-on, outside the firewall, web-accessible document repository for collaboration as well as for archive and retrieval. What has happened this time around is that the attempt is led not by the third-party vendors like Xythos and others, but by the now onmi-present Microsoft Sharepoint infrastructure available to enterprises as well as small and mid-sized businesses. The seamless integration between Microsoft Office technologies (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), Microsoft Exchange and Outlook based messaging infrastructure and Sharepoint is making traditional ECM products redundant. Some have clearly moved to more of a Storage Management focus - EMC, for example. Others like IBM Filenet are focused more on the production workflows and documents associated with high volume business transactions.

Sharepoint may begin to see some Open Source challengers - like AlFresco, but in terms of sheer market share, the two don't compare. On the other hand, SaaS offerings like are taking away a part of the market for document management, particulary document management needs related to sales, pre-sales and marketing functions in an enterprise.

What ground breaking innovations are your looking forward to in 2009 in the ECM space? Do comment here.

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