Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Role of Business Process Management in SOA

The Role of Business Process Management in SOA

A good article by Sandy Carter of IBM that addresses the relationship between BPM and SOA - both of which are top of the mind for CIO's and IT managers today. Sandy talks about the complimentary relationship between BPM and SOA - "BPM is growing in popularity and is complementary to SOA due to its ability to help make business processes more efficient and effective while enabling an organization to more easily adapt to changing business requirements. BPM based on SOA is technology's response to the growing demand for a flexible business environment that is not hindered by application silos."

This is quite helpful to vendors like us as it clearly identifies the relationship between BPM and SOA as being complimentary. Lot of people use BPM and SOA interchangeably which creates a lot of confusion and unrealistic expectations.

Another quotation on note here is this one that equates SOA to speed and agility of the IT organization for implementing and integrating process automation components, while BPM helps business analysts achieve speed and agility in designing the process.

"For BPM to be successful and valuable to the enterprise, the speed and agility of IT organizations implementing and integrating the process automation components must match the speed and agility of business analysts redesigning the process.

Just as BPM capabilities needed to evolve over time to add flexibility to process design, so too do application integration systems need to evolve to automate the new flexibility processes in the real world. This integration evolution requires the ability to create independence between process and service implementation, and to remove the tight coupling between a specific integration technology and individual business applications. This is where SOA comes in because it provides the technical ability to create that process implementation independence."

A good case study on the interrelationship between BPM and SOA can be found on my company's website http://www.newgensoft.com/images/cs_emea9.pdf.

If you are looking at implementing BPM+SOA initiatives in your organization, be sure to put Newgen Software on your list of vendors that can help you achieve the often promised yet rarely delivered speed and agility.


James McGovern said...

Hopefully it won't be too much trouble for you to comment as part of your next blog entry, which industry security specifications BPM vendors should consider implementing?

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Hi,Could you please comment on the relation between BPR and BPM?
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Moshik said...

Nice article to explain relation between BPM and SOA. I am looking forward for your next article on the same thought.