Monday, December 18, 2006

Defining Document Management - Dec 2006

Here's a good one on defining Document Management or Enterprise Content Management. Looks like AIIM needs to do a better job of popularizing a common definition of these terms - these are hardly new technologies anymore, but the terms have been so broadly used for so many different things that confusion abounds in the market.

"What document management and workflow applications mean to your enterprise

By Maryse de la Giroday

Have you heard the story about the blindfolded people, each given a part of an elephant to touch and are then asked to describe the rest of the animal? The person at the tail describes a very different animal than the person at the ears or the one at the feet and so on. Well, except for the fact that we’re not wearing blindfolds, we’re in pretty much the same situation when it comes to discussing document management. All the questions you ask about document management and the answers you receive reflect yours or the vendor’s perspective.""

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