Saturday, November 25, 2006

Less coding, less outsourcing?

Less coding, less outsourcing?

Posted by Joe McKendrick @ 1:15 pm

Will SOA take away a lot of outsourcers' business? Or will its impact be negligible?
Joe makes a good point here - technologies like SOA, and may I add BPM (Business Process Management), will have significant impact on the amount of coding going on in many large organizations. SOA's promise of reusable services and standard interfaces, combined with the revolutionary shift in way applications are developed using Business Process Management Suites will result in organizations becoming more and more adept at continuously modifying their information systems to keep in line with business requirements, without requiring down and dirty software coding.

However, in the short run it actually creates a lot of outsourcing potential as organizations rework legacy applications to bring them into the SOA framework. Also, there is a good chance that as SOA and BPM improve the agility of organizations in acting proactively or reacting to business needs, there will be considerably more work done in the future - and that would make up for any reduction in outsourcing. Outsourcing vendors are also keeping this in mind and upgrading their offerings from coding to business analysis, process consulting, etc.

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