Monday, November 06, 2006

ECM consolidation - afterthought to my earlier post

I think SAP might beat HP to the next announcement - by OpenText's silence it looks like SAP buys OpenText is the next big announcement! Any betting men out there want to define the odds?

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George said...

SAP hasn't exactly demonstrated a strong propensity for big acquisitions. After losing out to Oracle on Retek, it stuck to pretty small game such as Khimetrics and Triversity, certainly nothing the size of OTEX. It has also been trumpeting "organic growth" as a strategy. I wouldn't count on SAP as a white knight.

Sanjay Kalra said...

You're right about SAP being shy of making major moves. However, what's interesting to note is that some time back OpenText had acquired IXOS - an ECM vendor with which SAP had a very strategic relationship and lots of sales, specially in Europe. Rumnors have been around ever since 1994 (

Now, I don't recall for sure if SAP also had an equity stake in IXOS but certainly they have a close relationship with OpenText and IXOS may be the trojan horse inside OT that could spring such a deal :-)