Thursday, August 10, 2006

ECM Acquisitions: What's Going On? -- CMS Watch

ECM Acquisitions: What's Going On? -- CMS Watch: "ECM Acquisitions: What's Going On?"

Seriously, everyone saw it coming - I mean the sell-out of Filenet, but all were pointing to Oracle and HP as the potential suitors. I guess most people thought that IBM already had a very well rounded ECM and BPM product suite and they didn't need a high priced acquisition like Filenet. However, what's interesting to note is that IBM was coming in third in the rankings - behind Filenet and EMC and this firmly puts them back in the lead - by a considerable margin.

It will be interesting to see where IBM goes with this - already there is a lot of confusion in the IBM portfolio with BPM coming under there Websphere product group and Content Manager coming under their DB2 group. Are they gonna split up the Filenet products into ECM and BPM and have two different groups handle it?

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