Monday, January 09, 2006

Newgen Software helps SEC, Philippines improve access to company information

Newgen Software - India's leading provider of Business Process Management and Document Management solutions recently assisted Philippines' Securities and Exchange Commission launch an Internet-based service that aims to ease and hasten access to information on companies.

This is just one in a long string of successes that New Delhi based Newgen Software Technologies has achieved in the last few years after it started leveraging its leadership position in BPM and EDMS in the Indian market. Today Newgen is perhaps the leading provider of such solutions in much of Asia, Middle East, even Africa.

Companies like Newgen have a lot to offer to Enterprise and Government customers in Asia - their focus on end-to-end solution delivery, leverage of their own IPR (intellectual property rights), offshore resource base and pricing, understanding of application requirements attained over almost 15 years of experience in these markets give them an edge over US based majors in these areas.


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Jarel said...

Newgen is a great company....thx