Monday, November 07, 2005

Compliance, SOXA and BPM

BPM (Business Process Management) suites are providing a whole new way of building applications that enable companies to clearly define their risk management strategy, identify risk mitigation processes and checks and balances, define and deploy organizational processes to monitor the performance against these and provide a high level Risk Management and Compliance Score Card Dashboard to the senior management.

Recently, a lot of BPM suites vendors have come out with such solutions. Some have even tied up with Risk Management consulting companies (e.g., Stellent and Protiviti).

However, my company - Newgen Software - has a new offering that puts a different twist on this solution. Newgen has been building its products and solutions in India, where the Indian government is increasingly following the US lead in areas like corporate governance. Modeled on the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOXA), the revised Clause 49 in India was introduced last year and companies have till this December to comply. Newgen has been working with several Business India 500 (equivalent to the Fortune 500) companies in India and also with the Big 4 consulting companies - and their compliance and auditing practices. Recently, we introduced our Compliance Management framework - based on our BPM platform in the US market. You can view the full press release at the AIIM web site (The Content Management and BPM industry association):

I am looking forward to suggestions from the BPM community - specially opinion leaders writing blogs and practitioners who are leading such initiatives in their companies - as to how we can help them in implementing compliance management solutions using BPM technology. You can respond to me at my email address sanjay [at] newgen [dot] net.


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