Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NewsFactor Network - Tech Trends - Open Source Steps Into ECM Shoes

While EMC, Stellent, Verity, Opentext and all are consolidating their ECM empire by acquiring whatever remaining independent companies are left out there, one of the co-founders of Documentum (now part of EMC) - John Newton - is trying to take ECM open source by introducing the Alfresco platform. Alfresco is a Java based approach which provides functionality for workflow, metadata support, hierarchical folder structure, and indexing and retrieval.

However, "it is initially targeting very simple document-collaboration scenarios of the type that SharePoint has addressed so successfully," said Tony Byrne, analyst and founder of CMSWatch.com.

To me, challenging Sharepoint seems to be a tough strategy - considering not only Microsoft's pervasiveness but also the fact that the basic Sharepoint server is almost free as part of MS Server offerings. Only diehard Java junkies may have need for this technology.

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