Friday, September 16, 2005

Next generation workflow - Vendor Voice - Network Magazine India

An excellent perspective on how Business Process Management practices can make organizations speedy and efficient. The author is Diwakar Nigam, founder Chairman of Newgen Software Technologies - a leading provider of BPM and Content Management solutions worldwide with 40% market share in its home base of India.

Diwakar makes a few very good points here - the primacy of processes in today's business environment, well defined objectives of BPM, the various underlying technologies that come together in a BPM solution (EAI, Middleware, SOA, etc.). He also talks about how BPM is helping companies in the emerging markets where paper based processes still reign supreme - by streamlining process flow and providing central repository of images of business critical paper documents.

The author feels very strongly that BPM would be a significant technology in the coming years that will help businesses in all industries across the board. E-Governance is another key area that would gain a lot from BPM technology.

Sanjay Kalra

Next generation workflow - Vendor Voice - Network Magazine India: "activities"

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